Training Overseas by Mar Escudero


I apologize for the lack of posts in recent months but am really happy to introduce another Guest Contributor, who maintains the very high standards set by others in the past with ease. Dr Mar Escudero is a resident Dermatologist working and training in Son Espases University Hospital in Palma de Mallorca, and she has sent me this excellent post about her external placement training in Sydney, which includes some great photos. Thanks so much, Mar.

“Nowadays, the hospital offers us the possibility of going abroad for a few months to complete our training program. It is such an excellent opportunity, but it is also an adventure since you are leaving your comfort zone (your country, your hospital, your colleagues, family, and friends, your language, your culture…)


Australia is the country with the highest incidence of skin cancers in the world, and therefore, they are pioneers in its prevention and treatment. So I decided to apply for a position as an observer for two months with Prof Pablo Fernandez-Peñas. He is a Spaniard, who moved here eight years ago and is the head of the department at Westmead Hospital in Sydney. He runs several clinical trials and research projects at both Westmead Hospital and the Skin and Cancer Foundation. Recently, the Spanish Embassy in Australia awarded him the order of civil merit.



Australians are very welcoming people, they are nice and polite. They are also very trusted-almost all of them would leave their house´s front door open. It is a multicultural country that is reflected at the hospital as well, and the Dermatology Department Chinese, Korean, Irish, English, Vietnamese, Sri Lankan, Lebanese, and Afghanistan, Australian and Spanish people.



I have been here for just a month and a half, and up to now I have had so many new experiences, and there are so many anecdotes to tell that it has been worth coming.

Not only do you improve your knowledge of medicine but you also get to see how things work in other hospitals. And above all of it, you improve your English, which is a must nowadays.




I would recommend anybody to take the chance and go abroad; it is quite an adventure that enriches you in many aspects, both academically and personally.”

I leave you with a another great image sent to me by Mar, and one which, I think is very true to her personality and character!






  1. Thank you Mar for sharing, you look amazing in all photos!!
    Here in Mallorca, we miss your Smile everyday.. but we all feel so glad and happy for you!
    See you soon,
    Nicole and on behalf of the HUSE Dermatology Team

      1. I’m afraid it is Mar who deserves credit and we’re just so lucky to have you Jon!!! Looking forward to our next English Session!

  2. Genial Mar!!! Qué guapa q sales… Eres un solete y debiste dejar muchas de tus mágicas sonrisas en ese continente!! Termina tu viaje con el mismo entusiasmo q te caracteriza siempre… Estoy súper orgullosa de ti y soy tu Fan Total!! 😊👌🏻 besos 😘

  3. Thank to you all! And specially, thanks to Jonathan for letting me share my experience. =)
    I am very lucky to have such a great team at both Dermatology and Pathology Departments in Son Espases.
    I miss you!!!

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