To The East

To the East


Can you imagine a beautiful and melancholic grey winter landscape, surrounded by snowy trees, and a cold so, so intense that you can feel it soaking your spine?

That was our welcome to the impressive Russia…

My name is Daniel Rodezno, 5th year resident of Urology at Son Espases University Hospital in Palma de Mallorca.

Me and my resident colleague, Jordi Guimera García were invited to participate in to the “New Generation Medicine of the Future Forum”, celebrated in Moscow at the beginning of December 2015.


The whole experience started a few weeks ago before our trip, when we received our invitations to travel and participate in the meeting. We could not believe that we were going to be in the same place where only a few days ago we had seen our Russian friends via International Video-Conferenced Clinical Sessions

A six-hour travel from Barcelona to Moscow was the first step in our adventure.

Just before arriving we started to feel a little worried when the pilot said: “The weather its going to be a little cold, probably -10ºc “. As soon as we landed we could prove it in our own skins…he wasn´t joking!

A cab with our names was waiting for us, and even if the driver could not speak with us in English, he made us feel welcome with a warm smile and some quiet words in Russian.

A long trip from the airport to the hotel in the heart of Moscow gave us the opportunity to get our first impression of the nightlife in this amazing city.

Moscow is a mix of old architecture that reminds you of its unforgettable history of the days of Soviet Union, and elements of a newborn modern and independent city that does not need to envy any other developed cities in Europe.

As soon as we arrived at the hotel, we could see people from many other nations gathered in the same place for the same reason as us.

Our host welcomed us and gave us some recommendations for the next morning: “Get warm clothes for tomorrow, we are going outside for a while. ”


Next morning, they organized an excursion for the whole group to the center of the city, where we could appreciate some of the famous and immortal emblems of Russian culture such as Saint Basil’s cathedral, Red square, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the magnificent Kremlin, which later that night was going to be the scenario of the Russian Ballet…Something that we will never forget!!!!


Even if you don’t have a clue about art, their performance was an exquisite mixture of strength; grace and beauty that kept our attention the whole time, and even of the most distracted viewers!



Next day, the convention started, and a hall full of different medical specialties showed us the high level in knowledge and technology.

Soon we recognized some friendly faces; our Friends from the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, who proudly showed us their interesting research work and advances in Urology that were really impressive.


The next day they invited us to visit the hospital facilities, an amazing building more than a hundred years old was the perfect scenario to create a modern hospital with 120 beds just for the urology.


To finish our experience Jordi was invited to present a clinical case in their masterclass where he was able not only to show his skills in Urology but also in English that we are sure they enjoyed.

It was an amazing experience that combined science, traveling, and of course the pleasures of enjoying the great food and nightlife at the end of the trip. We had the opportunity to visit one of the most world famous discotheques in the whole world, where the great music was only surpassed by the beauty of the Russian girls.

It was a trip to remember…

“the limits of my language are the limits of my world”

Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein

We want to thank in the first place Jonathan McFarland and Prof Irina Markovina who made this opportunity possible.

We would also like to thank, Dr Denis Butnaru, Dmitry Enikeev (The best host ever) Damir Kantamirof and the rest of the group for your time and all their attention that made this experience unique and unforgettable.


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