The Great Figures In Otology

Another Guest Contributor. Dr Fernanda Muñoz a resident in ENT at Son Espases University gave this fascinating talk about The Great Figures in Otology in the ENT Department at Son Espases Hospital. It is very interesting and it reminds me of Edmund Burke who said,
” Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it”.
Thanks Fernanda !!!
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Genius on the Edge

Genius on the edge from Jonathan McFarland

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Interesting Lexis 1 – Surgery

The word surgery is interesting. It comes from the Old French word serurgerie, which in turn comes from the Latin, chirurgia and from the Greek, cheirourgia, which basically means “doing work by hand”. And the meaning(s). The first meaning is the common meaning, which everybody knows about. And it is: “the treatment of injuries or disorders of…

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An Interview with John McFarland

For many years I have been wanting to interview my father about his experiences as a surgeon and about his experiences in general but I never got the chance to do so. However, I was lucky in that a few years ago – around 2009- a friend, Daniel Lopez, spent three days videoing my father…

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