It always gives me great pleasure to welcome Guest Contributors to my blog. In fact, it is a real honour, and especially when they are from residents, who write about their experiences in other countries. So, it gives me great pleasure to introduce one of the Rising Stars of Radiology, Dr Beatriz Rodriguez Fisac, in her last year of her residency training in Son Espases University Hospital, under the genial guidance of Dr Joan Palmer.

So enjoy Bea’s excellent post below:

“I have had the opportunity to do two rotations abroad in my last year of residence. One was in France and the other one in North America, which are both places of birth of the most influential and paradigmatic schools of medicine.


In September 2014 I made a one month stay in the Department of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Neuroradiology at FOCH Hospital, in Suresnes (in the metropolitan area of Paris). Dr. G. Rodesch, the present chairman of the World Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology, leads there his own team which is made up by other four highly competent neuroradiologist with a wide experience in teaching medical residents. During that month I attended several neurointerventional procedures. What surprised me the most, as it is quite unfrequent in our hospital, was the high rate of medullary arteriovenous malformations that were successfully managed with minimally invasive treatment. Besides, I attended many conferences and clinical boards.



A few months later, in March 2015, I travelled to the US ( where I am now) to make a two months Observership in Musculoskeletal Radiology (MSK) at Maimonides Medical Centre, in New York. In this case, the chairman of the whole Radiology Department and the worldwide renowned MSK radiologist is Spanish; Dr. J. Beltran. Although he is Spanish he’ s been living in the US for a long time and all the explanations are given in english while we’re at work. I rapidly realised the big opportunity I was living. The learning programme for residents is here thorough, they daily attend two to three conferences and they are prepared to pass the American Board of Radiology before being done with their residency. There’s a very high level of thoroughness and it is reflected in the results.

Apart from the professional growth, these is no doubt that they have been great personal experiences that I will certainly never forget.


Thank you Jonathan for teaching us English and for encouraging students like me to learn it ,and to live such experiences!! Certainly when one speaks foreign languages the world’s gates are wide open for you.

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