International Day of Medical English, Moscow



Master Class in English “Clinical Conference. Analysis of the Clinical Case “was held on the eve of the All-Russian Conference” Medical Education -2015 “.

This unique master class – the result of a tripartite cooperation of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​(Head of Department and Chair – Professor Irina Markovina), the Research Institute of Uronephrology and Reproductive Health (Head of Department of Reconstructive Plastic Uronephrology – Dr DV Butnaru) and British English Teacher for Medical Purposes,  Mr Jonathan McFarland.

The event was opened by Irina Markovina. After a short introductory presentation, in which Jonathan McFarland stressed the importance of English in the professional activities of the modern physician, three clinical cases were presented. The Speakers were graduate students from the Uronephrology Research Institute : Dr DF Kantimerov, Dr AO Morozov, and Dr TM Zharikova. The audience, made up of students, residents, graduate students, doctors of different specialties and English teachers, all actively participated in the Master Class by asking questions and commenting on the reports submitted.

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Over the years, Mr. McFarland working in Spain, has been participating in the project to ” make the English language included in the daily life of the Spanish doctors“. Professor Markovina spoke about the passionate experience of European doctors, after returning from a trip to the UK, to associate professors, graduate students, Uronephrology Research Institute students, and decided that Russian doctors also needed to learn to conduct clinical conferences in English, which has become the international language of professional communication in health care.

So they put into practice a new format development for professional communication – in the clinical practice, as close as possible to the actual practice of international cooperation. A group of enthusiasts gathered together by Dr. DV Butnaru, weekly for several months to learn English, discussing clinical cases and interesting scientific papers published in major international journals. Professor I. Markovina, the initiator of these studies, noted the undoubted successes of the young generation of Russian urologists in the study of professional communication in English and, having been at the annual Congress of the European Society of Urologists in Madrid, are convinced of the real benefits of the course covered.

And we’re not going to stop!

Russian experts in the field of medical science and practice – an integral part of the international professional community, knowledge of English as a tool of professional communication doctors in the world, is a prerequisite for the successful development and career growth.

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Completing the master class , Jonathan McFarland noted the high level of professional English in Russian physicians and their interest in cooperating to further improve it.

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This article was first published in the Sechenov First Medical University newspaper, and then translated into English


  1. Jonathan congratulations for your masterclasses in Russia, I’m sure it must have been a great benefit to the Russian urologists. ;-))

    1. Thanks so much Joan Toni – a great audience, a great experience and a great event! Yes, but I think that this is just the beginning.

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