Medicine and Humanities


This painting was painted by Pablo Picasso when he was just fifteen years old.

I have always thought about its similarity with Luke Fildes, The Doctor, which was painted a few years previously but Picasso’s painting was probably more influenced by the Sevillian painter, Luis Jimenez Aranda. It is interesting to note that Picasso used his father as the model for the doctor, while the sick woman and the child were beggars taken off the streets of Malaga.

Anyway, this post is just a short post touching on the link between the Humanities and Medicine, as I have not written one for so long, and I wish to finish it with a quotation taken from a  chapter of the book – Understanding Medical Education – entitled “learning medicine from the humanities” written by J.Jill Gordon and H.Martyn and it is –

” It is not simply a question of how to learn medicine from the humanities; rather, it might be said that without the humanities medicine can never truly be learnt”.

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