Doc to Doc Forum in BMJ

      The BMJ is one of the journals that I use the most when looking for interesting and relevant articles to use in my sessions and classes with Doctors and medical professionals. Normally I choose articles from the blogs, which are useful in bringing up a topic or opening a debate. I very…

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Clinical Session about SIDS

SIDS Yesterday I gave a clinical session to the Pediatric Department in Son Espases Hospital based on SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also called in the UK Cot death and in the USA Crib death. I think that it is an interesting topic, and it was based on this video from the BMJ. I…

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Richard Smith: It’s hard, perhaps impossibly hard, to be a good doctor

Richard Smith

In the Interview with Dr Manolo Tomas I mentioned this blog by Richard Smith. All of his posts are stimulating and thought-provoking, but this one about what makes a good doctor I found especially interesting. I hope that you enjoy it.

  Dr Richard Smith, former editor of the BMJ