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For more than 12 years Jonathan McFarland has been dedicated to teaching Medical English to physicians, health professionals and all those working in health.

Currently he works in two hospitals in Mallorca, Son Espases University Hospital and Son Llatzer Hospital, as well as teaching in Primary Care and in Public Health. He also gives courses in the COMIB ( College of Doctors of the Balearic Islands).

Although not Medically trained, having a BA Hons Degree in English and History, he has always been interested in medicine. Maybe this is due to being around Doctors day in day out or maybe this is because he comes from a strong medical family in Liverpool. Whatever the case he believes that what he is doing is essential for Spanish Doctors and nurses, and NOT only for Spanish but other nationalities whose mother tanguee langauage is not English.

Medical English is an enormous field and encompasses many areas: the Doctor – Patient relationship, wherein the doctor often needs to speak and explain to non Spanish speakers, Research – English is the language of Biomedical investigation, and Training – Undergraduate, Postgraduate (Resident Training) and CME (Continuous Medical Education).

Jonathan is interested in all of these, but at present is working on two important projects: Resident Training, which is the key to the future, and Clinical Sessions in English, his intitiative and which he has promoted and is currently taking charge of in both Hospitals and in around 24 different departments, ranging from Oncology to Immunology and  Traumatology to Microbiology.

He lives in the beautiful town of Soller on the othe side of the mountains of Mallorca with his family and other animals, and in his spare time he loves walking in the mountains, reading, cooking paella and looking after his garden. He is also President of MHAM, Medical Humanities Association of Mallorca, and a member of AMEE, An International Association for Medical Education.

Currently I am studying Medical Education at Centre for Medical Education, at Dundee University, and also working on a Medical app called Men’s App

With a University teacher from Dundee, Annalisa Manca, we are working on an interesting project called “The Networked doctor”. Our aim is to help doctors understand the potential of the social media for their work and the life.

In his free time he has just started white water rafting and other adventure activities. Canyoning with his daughters is another favourite.

White water rafting in Vall D’Aneu – The author is wearing the orange helmet on the left!






2015-03-16 15.53.04

In Port de Soller


  1. Greetings:
    Thank you for the information on your website. Some very good insight and information.
    I am a practicing attorney in the US that also does medical research at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. I co-authored a study in the journal RESUSCITATION.
    I want to teach English overseas. With my skill set, I think teaching medical English would be an ideal fit. I just recently learned that Medical English was an actual niche market.
    Do you know of the existence of teaching positions overseas or the best places to look (East Asia or the Middle East)? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards, Larry

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